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Dear friends,

YogaQuest started as a single class in a Twin Cities warehouse and over the years it’s attracted attention from folks around the world who felt drawn to our unique approach to yoga and wellness. While some folks were able to practice with us regularly in person, others had to wait until we could meet up at Comic Cons and other events. Now there’s no more waiting. I’m thrilled to announce the launch of YogaQuest Online where you can access yoga classes, meditations, and self-care tips from anywhere with an internet connection.

For less than the cost of one drop-in yoga class, you can get anytime, anywhere access to all of YogaQuest Online’s features:

Full-length quests and shorter practices for when you have less time

Guided meditations

Self-care tips and ideas to help you effectively navigate the world

And more!

As a long-time supporter of YogaQuest, you can take advantage of YogaQuest Online for $5 off the regular everyday price of $14.99. And you will get $5 off forever, even when prices increase in the future! Sign up today! (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTtxyE9-2BTOOQcZdR6uWrBodaQwAifOcLQGUC-2BDmp59hyRzAh3omg8RR038mQNB4DGpEA-3D-3D_0mAtpBhJSJu-2BC2vRIrBgV7vM3Kvj-2FLqquQp2WazA8kkypnHOAwoEJ3s2gaWPJw3X2JNw9r5DsSAyoZ8t-2BSx18-2Fe6XrCkiqwH4BZ25QVaHsttcOJpKajjgAUsuAL1k3u3RrUmw2WDViMZbBMX-2FJJ8ajFUOzzFCCzz6bUVNO5Z7dZfGUMX-2FBHiN9-2FGihZRa-2FKxgVK4YpeDgOQayT06GjfKOimn3OM-2BPwfVewiJJIy2ad0-3D)

As you know, YogaQuest was never about a physical space—it was always about the people. With the launch of YogaQuest Online, it’s a natural time for the physical YogaQuest space to close, including this Meetup group. The last in-person yoga class at YogaQuest will take place on 2/26 with a brief closing mixer. I hope you can join us for a class (or two!) between now and then, and I hope you will join us on 2/26 to celebrate all of the amazingness we’ve shared in-person over the years.

I will continue to appear at conventions and other events, plus I will be filming lots of new quests to share with you via the Internet. Class passes will no longer be sold after 1/22 and I will honor all class passes up until 2/26, including class cards that still have punches. Any unused and unexpired class pass classes will be refunded if you contact me prior to 2/26.

To make sure that you continue to hear about YQ appearances and YQOnline, be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our direct email list (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTtxyE9-2BTOOQcZdR6uWrBodaQzdZlFPDCBRUAhhJLeUw5D7FIuwsjvthkZE6RDXT2TwD7UWnRoblgiKSDeYmuPR7y-2FK61reWt8PY690ZFdkjMmdghplg07yFoP22QTf8D9Pw-3D-3D_0mAtpBhJSJu-2BC2vRIrBgV7vM3Kvj-2FLqquQp2WazA8kkypnHOAwoEJ3s2gaWPJw3X2JNw9r5DsSAyoZ8t-2BSx18-2F9qEdDrvdpwg-2BSJ72KyiKgyG5V5Fda7-2Bxv-2F1WmLNea-2BcxzeJD-2BQ3Ph-2BnKJyQlCLOHb2o9N5-2B97PayrvNYD1R44Gt45vJiy4lVRUosDLbcqXf2karJ66Q-2B-2FfBvcTcyrisRfhEFQRvx8yRWu1jepgQGg-3D).

So many people have helped me to keep the physical entity of YogaQuest going over the years, and I am so grateful. I see this not as an end, but as a natural transition and a way to bring nerdy yoga and wellness to nerds everywhere.



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