What we're about

This Meetup group is for those who are interested in a deeper connection with themselves and others; in transformation and magic through the body; in self-development and spirituality; in laughing a lot and celebrating life! We offer a few different types of events and are always creating new ones, currently most often in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch:

- Hatha Yoga: progressive tuition for beginners and all levels. A style of personalised, expert and safe progressive instruction in the Shadow method of yoga, featuring synchronized breathing and movement; Viryam combines this with an explorative Tantric orientation rather than rigorously imposed external control.

Shake Dance Meditations – what we call ‘active’ meditations; connecting with yourself and letting go in a moving meditation through shaking and dance before moving into stillness and silence. Amazing stress busting effects.

- Themed Meditation evenings - these are generally silent or musica guided meditations from various schools: Indian, Taoist, tantric with a focus on going within.

- Tantric Deep-Meeting - is a guided experience of meeting in pairs, and is a way to encounter yourself and others …BEYOND WORDS. It’s not required for you to be unattached; it’s clothed, fun and juicy!

- Experiential Yoga-Tantra one or two day workshops: for those who want to go deeper. Varied content around different themes, including Sacred Sexuality & Hatha Yoga, includes a variety of tantric practices and other methods, to allow you to connect more deeply with your body and to expand your consciousness.

“Tantra” relates to exploring the weaving interplay of the healthy masculine (“God”) and empowered feminine (“Goddess”) energies within us, and especially honouring the divine feminine. Its practices allow us to heal ourselves into freedom and spontaneous creativity. (both from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India)

A little about us… Viryam loves the possibility of being consciously connected with every part of ourselves, and through this finding our ‘true’ and appropriate relationship with others and the world around us. He ran the West London Yogashala, specializing in individualised Hatha Yoga for more than a decade, works as a Sacred Sexual Healer, and is committed to building a self-sufficient yoga-tantra community in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

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