Sacred Gardening-Sacred Earth


In these interesting times, Mother Gaia is calling us HOME to remember the sacredness of all including us and Her. There is a New Earth being birthed at this time and Mother is calling for All Hands On Deck to help birth it.

Our gardens and yards are where we can start to truly anchor in this New Earth at “home”. They are not only therapeutic spaces for these stressful times but where we can most intimately rekindle a deeper relationship and reverence for all life around us -- so needed at this time.

"“Thank you so very much for your Sacred Gardening workshop yesterday. Your knowledge, compassion and divine connection is beautiful, deeply inspirational and motivating. “The Great Mother Bible” changed my spiritual path and meeting you yesterday consolidated so much of my learning. I feel so deeply honoured and blessed to have spent a whole day with you.” ~S.B. New Zealand

Come join us for a deeply restorative day of healing, sacred connection, “tool building” and community “seeding”. We will tap into Mother’s wisdom and learn practices that will encourage us to infuse our gardening and our lives with a deeper sense of love and connection with all that we do AND all around us – to support Our New Earth.

You will learn about our new Mother Gaia, connecting with the spirit of the land, sacred gardening practices and planetary healing. This workshop sources from Mare Cromwell's over 23 years of studies with Native American teachers and other spiritual mentors and her direct communications with Mother Gaia. Mare has been told by one gifted Native American elder that her work with Mother Gaia is in the prophecies. Another gifted elder called her the "Voice of Earth Mother".

“Mare Cromwell is not a mere person, she is an experience; a living, breathing manifestation of the love of Mother Gaia herself. She is the Shield Priestess of Gaia – a woman on a sacred mission to teach others to embrace their Divine center connected to Gaia within themselves." ~ K.H.

The workshop will focus on:
* Gardening as a Sacred Dance
* Deepening your relationship and awareness of life around you
* Honoring the Spirit of the land
* How to bless your garden in early spring and late fall
* Your garden as an altar
* Using Sacred/Holy Water in your gardening practice
* All Our Relations approach to gardening (including the 'weeds'!)
* Intuitive gardening with an introduction to Plant Communication
* Mother Gaia as teacher and healer
• Role of the Bees as Sacred Land Healers
• And more.

For those who wish to stay after 5pm, there will be Rubber Duckie races and a potluck dinner. :)

AND Jay McGinnis has an extraordinary array of alternative energy systems on his 500 acre farm and he loves to give people tours of the solar, wind systems, etc.

Plus you can check out his hand-made ceiling fans that he makes there on the farm for high-end clients. Stunning work... !

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