What we're about

We're a tabletop role-playing game (TRPG) group where attendees gather to play a 4-hour standalone adventure in one of many popular game systems, such as Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). All are welcome, from old-school gamers to complete novices. No experience with tabletop RPGs is necessary to join and play.

Our meetup venue is R&D Comics & Collectibles in Aurora, Ontario. http://www.rdcomics.ca/

Our mission is two-fold:

1. To provide an opportunity for interested players to play TRPGs and

2. to inspire new players with the confidence to run their own TRPGs for their friends.


Space is limited. A sitting fee is payable in advance to secure your spot. Your RSVP is not confirmed until your fee is paid. This fee covers the costs of hosting and running this meetup, including meetup.com admin fees and printing costs.


Be considerate to those on the waiting list and cancel as soon as you know you can't make it. Your sitting fee will be refunded as long as you cancel 24 hours before the event starts. You forfeit your sitting fee by canceling less than 24 hours before the event starts or failing to show up at all. (If the host needs to cancel an event, all sitting fees paid towards that event will be refunded.)


All those interested in playing are welcome as long as they conduct themselves in a courteous, easygoing manner. Harassment, discrimination, bullying, coercion, or hectoring of any kind are not tolerated. Celebrating the defeat of dragons, on the other hand, is greatly encouraged.


Attendees to this meetup gather around a shared interest in fantasy role-playing games regardless of their experience, ethnicity, identity, orientation, religion, politics, etc – none of which matters when slaying fantasy monsters and stealing fictional treasure, anyway.


Attendees play a standalone role-playing adventure at each event, meaning that the adventure commences and concludes in that single session. There is no continuity between events and, therefore, no need to have attended a previous event to join the current one and no obligation to partake in subsequent events.


Players should be capable of sitting still and paying attention for 3 to 4 hours, listening quietly while others are speaking, and expressing themselves clearly. Parents of young players should be aware that our role-playing adventures are similar in tone and content to the Lord of the Rings movies, including imagined scenes of fantasy violence and descriptions of frightening creatures.


Players need only bring a pencil, eraser, a sheet or two of blank paper, and their imaginations. A selection of pre-filled character sheets will be provided to choose from. Sets of polyhedral dice are available to loan to those who need any, but players can certainly bring their own. Players are encouraged to purchase dice and relevant game books from the venue.


New players are welcome and require no knowledge of how to play. You'll learn the best way: by playing. As long as you have a genuine interest in trying TRPGs, we have a place for you.


With apologies, please note that the space in the venue where we will be playing is not accessible by wheelchair at this time. Attendees must be able to traverse narrow stairs.

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D&D 5th Edition One-Shot Adventure (One Table)

R&D Comics & Collectibles


Join us for a standalone role-playing adventure! *MASKS ARE REQUIRED* in all indoor public spaces. Please come prepared accordingly. *If this event is cancelled due to lock down measures, RSVP fees paid by attendees for this event will be refunded.* We'll have 1 table running a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure of sword and sorcery. Players will take on the roles of fantasy heroes in a mythical setting to complete a heroic quest. This event is for pre-generated 3rd-level characters only. Character sheets and miniatures will be provided for players to select from when they arrive at the event - first come, first served. (Do not bring your own character sheets, please.) Novice players are welcome and require no knowledge of how to play. See our main page for more information about what to expect and what to bring with you. WAITING LIST Unfortunately, Meetup.com can't create waiting lists for events that charge a fee. That being the case, if all spots are full, please keep an eye on the event in case someone drops out so that you can take their place.

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D&D 5th Edition One-Shot Adventure (One Table)

R&D Comics & Collectibles


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