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On Friday 28th of February 2014 we will be feeding the homeless in Leeds City Centre at 6:30pm, with preparations beginning around 3pm. (Subject to change based on any additional information received)

** Those who want to help cooking should come to Woodhouse Community Centre any time between 3pm - 6pm.

** Then we will move onto Oxford Centre at Oxford Place, LS1 3AX. This is where the homeless will be fed.
This location is 1 minute away from the Art Gallery.


As a developing non-profit charity we desire to gain some practical experience in helping the vulnerable - and also seek to help harmonise relations within and between community groups. Therefore, we have assembled a group of willing volunteers to work together and prepare a meal (or several) to help feed the homeless and to offer our assistance where required.

* Help those in need
* Harmonise relations within and between communities
* Gain experience

We have volunteers experienced in supporting vulnerable people and who will be on standby to offer their support and advice to the group.

We're now accepting food donations, so if anyone has any suitable contributions or knows anyone who does, let us know and we will collect them. By all means bring food on the day if you wish or take it straight there.

We are awaiting confirmation of a local kitchen and of food donations. So if anyone has any relevant links or contacts please let us know.

All help and/or donations are welcome and appreciated.

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