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Transformational Tantra Massage Essentials – Block 1
North Wales Residential

Please note this Block is also being run as non-residential in Manchester from 21-27 July 2021

The Paths of Transformation are delighted to be offering our unique training in Transformational Tantra Massage in the UK again.

This educational training invites you to understand the essential components of Tantra Massage. It can be done stand-alone and also provides an ideal introduction (as Block 1) into our yearlong training which allows you to move more deeply into the transformative elements of Tantra Massage. If you choose to do this training as a stand- alone and then feel afterwards that you want to explore further, then there will be an opportunity to sign up to the full training.
This block of the training introduces the fundamentals to tantra massage involving more than a dozen structures covering:
• Hygiene Protocols to limit the possibility of transmission of infection
• Creating the setting and the use of ritual
• Creating safety for giver and receiver
• Strokes for grounding the body
• Deep tissue massage
• Discovering your erotic potential – opening your body to the flow of life energy
• Bio-energetics massages (including Reichian massage)
• Kundalini massage
• Bio-release massage
• Spinal drumming

This training has been developed to set a benchmark and standard for what Tantra Massage should stand for at the highest pinnacle of this art. The training is about learning to give and receive tantric massage as an initiation into Tantra. It has been running for over 8 years and is based on John Hawken’s body of work, developed over 35 years of working with singles, people in relationship and groups. He is one of Europe’s original and foremost tantra teachers and perhaps the first to actively combine and teach tantric, shamanic and bio-energetic wisdom.

For those wishing to embark on a professional career, the full training is recognised by ASIS (the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists) and the Trusted Bodywork organisation as offering the breadth and depth they require to enrol and list practitioners. It is also possible to get professional insurance through this course.

For this training Hygiene Protocols and additional Coronavirus measures are in place to limit the possibility of transmission of infection. Please contact us if you want further details.


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