What we're about

• Lightworkers and those who would like to learn more about intuition and spirituality in a relaxed social setting;

Here is a definition of a lightworker: http://www.angeltherapy.com/blog/8-traits-lightworkers


• Let's get together for affordable intuitive activities, learning to relax and meditate or sharing our lucid dreams and experiences.

• Awaken and exercise our intuitive abilities.

• Learn about and/or share different alternative healing modalities such as Reiki and Reflexology.

• What is the secret behind dowsing and pendulum readings.

• Oracle cards and how to use them.

• Crystals and their power.

• Discuss and review books about subjects like 'Life after Life', 'Our Souls Journey' and other similar topics.

• The only prerequisite required for joining this group is the ability to be sociable, curious and have an open mind about healing and spiritual topics.

Upcoming events (3)

Alternative Healing & Pain Relief Share- REIKI and Energy Healing Modalities

Bring your aches and pains, and/or your healing hands! Let's share and demonstrate so others can learn about other ways to possibly deal with pain and find peace. A live and safe demonstration of alternative pain relief will be conducted on those who wish to volunteer. I will be posting this on my other meetups to many who have never experienced Reiki and other healing modalities before, this is an opportunity for 'healers' to practice and share. If you have a portable table, please bring it. There will be plenty of chairs for chair healings. Please bring a snack to share at break and you are welcome to bring business cards if you so choose, but please wait until you are asked for your card. Cost: Bring a snack to share at break, i.e.; cookies, chips, veggie tray, fruit, nuts, cheese, cold cuts, crackers, etc. I will provide water and paper plates. .

For Mothers Day-- Platform Mediumship Demonstration by Angel the Medium

Angel the Medium will demonstrate platform mediumship by bringing in passed over loved ones for those in attendance. This means he will stand in front of the group and will introduce himself and then explain that he will be bringing through the minds of the deceased to link with some of the people in the room. I have witnessed this with Angel many times and his mediumship skill is amazing. He will be travelling a distance to be here and share his talent with us, I recommend an optional small donation to help pay for his gas and valuable time. Space is limited and this will be a popular event, RSVP soon to reserve your space. Please bring a small snack to share at break (i.e.; cookies, chips, crackers and cheese, etc.) and dress comfortably.

Development Circle-Platform Mediumship Workshop

For advanced psychic training....If there is any interest I will leave it on the calendar and more information will follow. Cost $25.

Past events (79)

Spring Party at Reader's Studio. Come Be Read

Learning Light Foundation

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