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We're all constantly selling something to someone, isn't it ? We are selling to our clients, we are selling to our team members to get them on board, we are selling to our spouses and kids to convince them to do what we want ....

You've probably read all the books about the best Sales techniques, attended the trainings, followed the webinars. So you know the theory. But the real power lies in Practice.

Practice, Practice,Practice. Without practice, knowing the theory is useless.

Over the coming session, the aim will be to explore the following topics :

· The importance of body-language, and what is the correct body language in a selling situation
· The importance of asking the right questions
· How to apply the most effective selling techniques
· How to emotionally involve the potential buyer
· Prospecting / Phone Calling techniques
· How to Close efficiently
· How to deal with objections
· How to handle rejection and failure
· What are the best resources (books, videos, trainings,...) to become an even better Sales person

This group is for the people who want to Practice their Sales skills, and want a honest feedback from the other members of the Group.
These are community events to help each other in our self-development.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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