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This group is for anyone who has ever been frustrated getting In The Zone consistently with their Golf Game. We introduce simple techniques you've probably never seen or heard about before that will help you to naturally play your best more often and have more fun. Our focus is on the mental game and the mind-body connection that's 'really' in charge of how well you play. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to Play Better Golf Now!

We'll show you how unwanted thoughts (even unconscious ones!) and stressful emotions get in your way and help you fix this once and for all. You will even learn how to help yourself eliminate painful restrictions in your golf swing movements and improve your range of motion.

If this seems all too good to be true then come out for one of our free introductory seminars and see for yourself how these simple techniques can truly help you play better golf now. If you don't see a meetup time that works for you then let us know so we can organize one for your club or group.

Goto http://www.GolfEmpowermentZone.com for contact info and to find out more about how these techniques work.

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Intro to managing your thoughts and emotions for easier swings
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Turtle Cove Golf Center

We will be hosting a series of informal discussions about how to play better golf with a focused mind free from unwanted emotional interference. We will soon have a beautiful outdoor space available at the newly renovated Turtle Cove Golf Center located near City Island in Pelham Bay Park, Bronx. Stop by to share your thoughts or just listen in to what our experienced pro's and mental coaches have to offer. Enjoy some of the local cafe fare and hit some balls at your leisure.

Specific meeting times and agendas to be announced.

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