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This group was founded as a peer-organized, supportive environment for young adults (20-39) coping with grief and loss, relating to the loss of parental figures. ***We are now also accepting adults (40+) who lost a parent or both parents before the age of 40, too. We understand that you went through parental loss too early in life and can relate to the young adults in the group***

We all come to support each other through this process, at whatever point in the healing process you are at. If your parent is within the dying process, you are welcome. If you just lost your parent a week, a month, a year ago, you are welcome. If you lost your parent during your childhood, you are also welcome. As many of you know, it's hard to meet someone for the first time and worry about when your parents will come up in conversation. "What do your parents do?" The answer to this question can be unsettling for you and the person you are talking to. So, we cut out that part of the conversation and meet new people who we already know have trouble answering this question. Our meetings are meant to be casual, simple, fun and relaxing; absolutely no pressure to disclose personal details, just a group of people who can relate to each other based on a life experience that young adults usually do not experience. Meeting take place on a monthly basis, and vary between an indoor meeting spot and outdoor meetings for the warmer weather. We are always taking suggestions for placing to hold our monthly meetings, so feel free to message the organizers if you have any ideas!

Being a young adult who loses a parent or both parents, makes this transitional stage of life harder to deal with. As young adults, we are facing new experiences that can shape the rest of our lives. Some of us are in school pursuing degrees. Some of us are working in the real-world. And some of us are doing both, while dealing with the obstacles of dating and living in shared spaces. But we are experiencing all of this without needed parental support, which can make us doubt the support we'll get throughout our lives. This is exactly why we need each other as a kind of support system throughout this time of life.

I lost my dad when I was 17 and my mom when I was 21. These losses sent me on a journey where I've fallen down and been picked up several times. And throughout these experiences, I always wanted to find people in my age group who could relate to me. So when I came upon this group in May of 2016 (when I was 24), I felt relieved when I went to a few meetings, and finally felt like people could relate to my experiences, especially through the context of young adulthood. This group has been one of the reasons I motivated myself to heal from and survive these losses.

So, I hope the people who join can reap the benefits of this group, like I have. We all need each other throughout this process, from the initial stage of grief, to many years after the loss, even if you lost a parent when you were a young child.

See everyone at a meeting soon!

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