Young Catholic Friends Having Fun (20's and 30's)

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This group has been inactive for some time now and all members are welcome to join the Catholic Connection:

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I created this group because I've found that it's very difficult for young Catholic adults to meet other people who share their values. There are a few parish groups here and there, but not a whole lot that cater to the 20-30's crowd, and there are virtually no groups at all (at least in Orange County) that gather simply to enjoy the company of other Catholics. Trying to live a good life can be very tiring and lonely in a culture that doesn't support you in your efforts. The aim of this group is not to attend talks, Bible studies or anything like that (though those things are of course important.) It's simply to give Catholic adults in their 20's and 30's a place where they can have fun and hopefully develop meaningful friendships with people who share their values.


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