Past Meetup

Free Panel with Movie and Comic book Artists, Writers and Creators.


Get ready for Wonder con and Comic con with a free panel at Tustin Library. Any body who has ever been to a comic book convention knows how much you have to go threw to talk one on one with the creative talent of the Movie, Television and Comic book industry. So my friend Kent, who is the head of my Comic Book discussion group has put together an incredible panel just like what you will find at Comic Con or Wonder con except in a more intimate setting. Namely Tustin Library. Who is going to be there?

Kevin Grevtoux: Writer and creator of the Underworld franchise. Also actor and scariest man alive with a degree in Microbiology.

Danny Miki: Artist at Marvel and one of the best inkers in the comic book industry.

Christopher E. Long: Writer of the comic book and upcoming movie Lost in Time.

Jackson Lanzing: Freakshow

Shannon E. Denton Wildstorm

David Server: Freakshow

For the initiated into this world I don’t have to tell you what an opportunity this is. Especially for free. The Panelists at these little venues tend to be very candid and open. Please come but be both polite and thoughtful. If this is done rite it will just be the beginning for this type of event.

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