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Meet & Share (Mother Earth)


“Meet and Share” Garden event in south Orange County at the Orange County Great Park! Bring whatever you have that's extra - fruit, vegetables, herbs, seeds, recipes, magazines, snacks, tips, resources, or questions. Come even if your garden isn't quite ready - we are sharing, not trading.

I look forward to seeing you!

What to bring:
- Whatever you’re planning on sharing.
- A tote or bags for the goodies you’re taking home. Envelopes for seeds.
If your garden isn’t ready you can always bring: used coffee grounds (free at local coffee shops/Starbucks), 3-5 gallon food grade buckets (free at most bakeries, restaurants, donut shops), gardening and cooking magazines (free on CL), glass jars/lids, worms, compost, favorite recipes, or snacks to share.

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