Past Meetup

Dinner and Karaoke Fun - Part Deux


Date: Saturday December 14,[masked]:30 PM
Location: PLUSH Karaoke Lounge
2710 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA

Follow up to the first fun event. Let's make some music for the Holidays. Start the evening with dinner (and a few drinks for those inclined). Then walk to Plush, a nearby Karaoke lounge, to enjoy a bit of pre-holiday crooning/jamming with others. The venue is located at Diamond Jamboree located just south of the District shopping area in Irvine. Suggested restaurant is Ajisen Ramen, followed by a quick stop to a bar in the same complex for those interested. The Karaoke lounge is conveniently located upstairs and in easy walking distance. Cost for dinner ranges between $10-$18 per person depending on your choice of dishes if you choose to attend dinner at the suggested restaurant (Ajisen Ramen). Karaoke room rate is ~$80/hour for the VIP room.

Dinner Location: Ajisen Ramen (5:30 PM - 7:00 PM) located in the same complex as Plush Karaoke. Seating is on a first come/first serve basis. I will try to arrive early and reserve 14-18 seats for the first eighteen arrivals. Plenty of other local food options within the complex or five to ten minutes of the Diamond Jamboree area. A shared group spreadsheet will be posted to allow those interested in dinner to indicate their participation. Will try to reserve seats for those who indicate interest in Ajisen.

For those who choose to karaoke only, please go directly to Plush by 8:00 PM and tell the hosts you are with Nick / the big party with the VIP room reservation.

Karaoke Location: Plush Karaoke Lounge (8:00 - 10:00 PM) - Same address as restaurant
Currently, one VIP room has been reserved. The VIP room can accommodate up to 25 people, with four microphones. We can choose to all stay in one large room, or split out to two groups if the group feels that will be better. The pros of splitting are a smaller, more intimate group, more mic time, and possibility to sing more themed / specialized music. The cons to the smaller group is less group interaction, and possibly, a slightly higher average cost. Average price per person for Karaoke is $8-$12 / person for two hours.

Transportation: As there may be libations involved after dinner, I would suggest carpooling, with a designated driver. Carpooling will also give you the opportunity to have a nice conversation / warm up your vocal cords with that cool guy / gal that you've always wanted to talk to but never had the opportunity to at another event ;). A carpool sign up sheet will be posted to help with coordination.

Reservations and Carpool Sign on Sheet (Click on link, or copy and past the following web URL onto a new web page):