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Olde Ship Pub Quiz ... Team 2!

Details us for another chance at nerd domination at The Olde Ship's pub quiz. The quiz is a really fun time -- especially if you're into Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, or just like trivia. The questions can get pretty tough, but even if your brain hurts by the end of it, it's a good opportunity to get together for good food, drinks and nerd team bonding!

The quiz starts at 7:30, but we'll meet around 7 to get a table. Make sure to bring $5 in cash to take part in the quiz. It's six rounds, including one matching round and one picture round. If you're interested in British pop culture or history, this is definitely the quiz for you; there's plenty of questions for the non-Anglophiles, too. The winning team gets to split the pot ... which is typically several hundred dollars! There are prizes for the 2nd and 3rd place teams as well (usually booze and/or gift cards). Hope you can make it!

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