What we're about

When was the last time you really talked through a work problem, were encouraged and challenged with creative conversations, and then came up with some options to try out?

Getting stuck and not being able to see a way through a problem in work or life can affect our motivation and emotional resilience. The expectations on you as young professionals are high and often work is not as supportive a space as it could be.

So, in our Group Coaching meetup group, we'll be learning about and using coaching skills to help problem solve, identify options and identify paths forward.

It's a creative, safe space to meet some great people (you!), learn about some really useful life skills, work on some stuff you want to work on and extend your professional support network. And, of course, to have some fun along the way.

What we'll do...
Each month we'll introduce different coaching ideas and apply them to develop a skill set that empowers and enables you. You can attend when you want, but each month there will be an opportunity to bring a new work/life issue, or you can use it to continue to work on an ongoing issue.

The Agenda
6.30 Arrive and networking.
7.00 Coaching skills
8.45 Putting it into practice
8.30 Reflection
8.45 Finish and Networking

The meetup group is open to Young Professionals aged roughly between 22 and 38 (but this is a guide only and not something we will be checking on :) )

It's a group with a difference - it's networking and connecting for sure, but it's about professional development from a personal perspective. You are a Young Professional peer group with a range of existing resources in abundance. By looking at things in a new, questioning way, future actions can begin to become clear and be aligned with your values.

Looking forward to seeing you.

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