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Formerly called "Young Widows/Widowers of North New Jersey"- Original New Jersey Widowed group- fastest growing in the state.

There are few places for younger widows/widowers from 20's to 70's, to meet and support each other through the grieving, and difficulties associated with losing a partner.

This is a chance to meet others who are also widowed, share experiences, socialize, and make new friends.

Members can suggest a meet up and be the host- if the event is not appropriate or if others in our group object to an event the Organizer can remove them.

Meetings can be in a restaurant/at a movie/club/social event/house party/bowling, any event that members propose to the group as an event that others may want to join them at.

As your organizer I would love to see meet ups planned in as many counties in North Jersey as possible. Many of you remember how it felt when there was no place for you to go and be with other widowed people, so the more the better in my opinion. Unfortunately there will always be new members in this group "that no one picked to be in".

Members and Meetings can not be used for marketing or soliciting to members.

Widowed Any Age Any Stage, welcomes anyone who has lost a life partner; all ages, men and women, married and not married (lived together as married couple) widowed, LGBT widowed, those with any/no faith background.

No matter how long you’ve been widowed, 1 month, 1 year, several years or 10+ we can all learn from and help each other, when your able to attend your first meetup you will find a community of friends that will listen and let you know your not alone "We Get It". If you do not connect with people the first time you attend a meetup- keep coming back we always have new members joining and the age of our members vary considerably from one meeting to the next.

Lets all work hard to offer each other a variety of resources that apply to any stage of the evolving journey of widowhood. There is no "moved on" or "getting over it" our loss is forever, and eventually we learn what our new life looks and feels like "After our loss" Hopefully the new friends that we make at these meetups will eventually be a part of our "After" futures.

Favorite sites & Some North Jersey organizations that our members have used:

Widowed Village which is an online 24/7 International community - http://www.widowedvillage.org

Soaring Spirits Foundation- Has a daily blog:


The 7 days a week blogger comment area is something not to be missed if a good discussion starts with other readers experiences and feelings.

Camp Comfort Zone, www.comfortzonecamp.org/

Several of our members have Attended Camp Widow on the east and west coast in San Diego and South Carolina.

Good Grief in Morristown, NJ.

Feel free to ask members about our experiences or google them yourself to see if they offer anything that would be helpful for you.

There are Many Many books written on the topic of loss of a spouse- One favorite and helpful book that you can read Amazon reviews for and determine if it would be a help to you or not is: "I Am Grieving As Fast As I can" people 3 days to many years after loss of spouse have found this book helpful.

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