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Welcome to Young and Epics Hiker!

The target age of this group is 20-30- to early 40's (1975 and later).

This group's goal is to allow people to get out and socialise while taking in nature and getting some great exercise. The hikes and activities will vary in difficulty with most classified as intermediate to difficult. Harder events could be screened to ensure participants are capable of completing the event. Please consider easier events for your first time out.

Naturally the majority of actives will be hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Additionally there will be a variety of other activities or social events. We are open to consider your idea for events.

This is a social group to meet and interact with others, not meant to be used for the cheap activities and transport.

To ensure members comfort, the events and site are not meant to be used for dating intentions.

If you cannot attend an event you signed up for please remove yourself 24 hours before event starts. Cancellation with less or no notice maybe considered a NO-SHOW. Repeat NO-SHOWs will result in suspension from attending or removal from the group.

Please only sign up for one meetup event during a particular time period, If you are signed up for two conflicting events you risk being removed.



You understand that The Young and Epic Hikers events are organized by volunteer organizers who are NOT trained or experts.

You accept that The Young and Epic Hikers organizers are not liable for injuries during events. By signing up for events you are claiming to be properly prepared and are physically capable of completing the described events.

You are responsible for all personal additional cost associated to injuries, lost or broken items or other expenses that may occur during events.

Events are not guaranteed and maybe altered or cancelled.

Please agree or disagree in your profile question #3 and include the date.


(updated Jan 11/2017)


Hike Difficulty Ratings

Easy: Less than 10 km, Cumulative elevation gain under 1500 ft, minimal challenging terrain.

Intermediate: 10-20 km in Quebec, 10-15 km in US, Cumulative elevation gain 1000-3000 ft. Some challenging terrain that may require using your hands to help climb or maintain balance.

Difficult: 20-25 km in Quebec, 15-25 km in US. Cumulative elevation gain 2500-5000 ft. Challenging terrain that will require regularly using your hands to scramble/climb the trail and maintain balance and safety.

Advanced: Extra long hikes 20 km +, Cumulative elevation gain 4500 ft+, difficult terrain that require extra care, steep sections will be encountered.

Please be careful with what hikes you sign up for, less experienced members are encouraged to start off with a Easy or Intermediate hike before trying a Difficult or Advanced hike.

The hikes are generally rated in the event heading to give an idea of how difficult the hike will be. The rating can be assigned based on a combination of factor such as;

-Length of hikes.

-Cumulative elevation gain. This means how much you are hiking upwards throughout the hike.*

-Terrain difficulty.

-Steepness to be encountered.

* If Cumulative elevation gain can not be determined, an estimate will made from

Elevation: Highest point of hike/mountain from sea level


Elevation gain: Hike/Mountain elevation minus starting elevation

A combination of ratings can also be assigned (example Intermediate/Difficult). It is best to read the event description for the reasons of the rating.

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