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Avoiding dementia with Brain Gym

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Needs a date and time

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Alert, Alive and Able to recall

Can you recall things as well as when age catches up?

Dementia is what the seniors I meet say they dread and these are the folk from the university silver hair club....Smart folks...I was active with them at one stage.

Medically there is no known cure and prevention is the keyword doctors use.

So take a look at Brain Gym. This is an activity that is based on movements that develop the brain. Did you know that movement and brain neurology are inherently connected? Children who do not have adequate movements like crawling are hampered in their development. How many are ADD, Dyslexic, Slow learners, etc today


Will Brain Gym help seniors who dont move about as much?

A faculty member of the Brain Gym Foundation told me recently that as we age we tend to lose the ability to move and along with that goes cognitive abilities and for some the ability to think. Hmm, is that why you want to play majong?

So please join us to take a look at what Brain Gym Movements can offer. I will be inviting some senior Brain Gym Instructors in Singapore to join us.


The location, date and time will be announced when enough members (say 20) show interest by signing up. I have a place kindly offered by one of the members I recently met. She will book the hall for us only if we have sufficient response.


Will anyone volunteer to join me to donate some refreshments? You know stuff like curry puffs and banana fritters.... Also need helpers to come slightly earlier to help set up chairs, projector etc. (Call me[masked])

Investment at door: $5/- only. This will help offset the cost to keep the meetup going. Even this website cost money to run...