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Shamelessly borrowed from Mike's post, but with my phone number (my addiction to laser tag appears boundless in its intensity):

BATTLEGROUND ORLANDO ( is Florida’s largest laser tag facility, and on Monday nights, it's also the cheapest. For $10 you get an hour of laser tag, including indoor and outdoor courses consisting of bridges, tunnels, trenches, forts, towers, bunkers, staircases, etc. They also offer 13 scenario games (, including capture the flag, last man standing, and 11 other fun games I've never even heard of. For laser tag-aholics, $16 will buy you two hours.

In case you get lost, run late, or can't find us, make sure you write down my number before you leave, (407) 212-7877. We'll be meeting by the entrance.

Since Battleground Orlando also doubles as a paintball facility (which we will likely take advantage of one day), some of the courses may have wet paint from earlier games. Although the paint SHOULD be water-soluble, why tempt fate? Older workout clothes are recommended... or make lemons into lemonade and wear tie-dye.

Also -- be careful crossing the street. Cars don't always pay attention and I'd hate to have a fatality.