Sound Bath Experience Meditation

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This is a great opportunity to experience a sound bath (not affiliated with or hosted by Youngstown Holistic Health).

Unity Centre will be welcoming sound therapists Maria & Calvin Wagner for a Sound Bath Experience Mediation on Tuesday, September 10th at 6:30 PM

Event is free & open to the public - but love offerings welcomed!

Maria and Calvin Wagner are up-lifters and the owners of the Center for Sound Therapy in Boardman, OH. They have both dedicated themselves to helping others explore the depths of their being through sound resonance therapy and energy healing. Together they collaborate to immerse you in pure healing harmonics that are relaxing and rejuvenating to the mind, body and spirit.

This inward musical journey allows you to completely let go and receive a re-alignment to your entire energetic body using powerful sound vibration.

The quartz crystal singing bowls, gongs and other instruments produce a matrix of healing energies that are used to induce relaxation, expansion, clearing, and healing on every level of your being. The sacred sounds can also open you up to a path of spiritual awakening and ultimately re-connect you with your divine essence.

The various frequencies work from the "inside" out and will help to relieve all forms of physical, mental or emotional stress. The vibrations produce a deep state of relaxation as they balance the brain hemispheres, release stress and muscle tension, stimulate the flow of our vital energy and accelerate our healing and recovery. You will feel this powerful shift within as your cells become more awakened and alive.

Come dressed comfortably and prepare to leave feeling deeply relaxed, peaceful, and more “in-tune” with who you are. You may also bring your mats, pillows and blankets if you would like to lay on the floor or on the pews.

Benefits of Sound Therapy:
Awakens the Soul
Balances the Chakras
Increases Energy Levels
Provides Deep Relaxation
Relieves Stress and Muscle Tension
Reduces Physical Pain and Inflammation
Alleviates Depression and Anxiety
Calms Emotions
Improves Mental Clarity
Quiets Mind Chatter
Expands Consciousness
Enhances Health & Vitality
Increases Immune Function
Balances Brain Hemispheres
Awakens Intuitive Abilities
Spiritual Transformation
Cell Regeneration