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Insight (Mindfulness) Meditation Group Sunday evenings at 6:00-7:30pm
The session starts with seated meditation, followed by a dharma talk (talk on Buddhist teaching and practice). All levels of practitioners are welcome. The Calvin Center is made up of various rooms and floors. We first enter the front door and proceed up the stairs into the community hall to the meditation/yoga room that is on the right and marked YOGA on the window. Before entering the larger group room, there is a small adjacent room where shoes are left. The meditation room will have chairs set up for those who prefer to meditate while sitting in a chair. Please bring your own meditation cushion (zafu) if you have one. If you arrive late, we ask that you enter mindfully and quietly take a seat in the community hall until the end of the meditation session. No Cost and No Registration It is in the spirit of generosity that The Calvin Center/YIMM group continues a 2500-year-old Buddhist tradition of providing the teachings freely to all who are interested. We are inspired by how beautifully Buddhist practice develops when it does so in a field of generosity and gratitude; we are grateful for all the support we receive. If you are inspired to donate at Calvin Center and/or YIMM there is a donation box by the front door. It has two slots, one for the teacher of the event and the other for Calvin Center's operation expenses. Dress There are no dress requirements; however, we encourage participants to wear comfortable clothing. No shoes are worn in the meditation/yoga room. Shoes are OK in the community hall and other areas. YIMM group is Fragrance-free To respect those with sensitivities and allergies, we request that you not wear scented products while attending YIMM. Bowing Many people who practice Insight (Mindfulness) meditation bow at the end of a meditation session and at the end of a dharma talk. Most commonly this is an expression of appreciation and gratitude. Bowing is entirely optional.

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Know the Mind. Train the Mind. Free the Mind.

Insight meditation, or Vipassana, is one of the central teachings of the Buddha. It has continued as a living practice for 2500 years. At the heart of insight meditation is the practice of mindfulness, the cultivation of clear, stable and non-judgmental awareness. While mindfulness practice can be highly effective in helping bring calm and clarity to the pressures of daily life, it is also a spiritual path that gradually dissolves the barriers to the full development of our wisdom and compassion. ~ Gil Fronsdale (

Benefits of Meditation:

*Obtain quiet or inner peace

*Have a respite from the pace of daily life

*Collect and unify the mind

*Clear the mind of emotional turmoil

*Feel and experience the truth of “the way things are” for yourself

*Learn loving-kindness and compassion for yourself and others

*Understand and learn how to practice forgiveness (

We will sit in silence for approximately 30 minutes, take a break to connect with one another, and then engage in a discussion.

Whether you are new to meditation practice, or an advanced practitioner, all are welcome!

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