What we're about

This s a group intended for founders / entrepreneurs. If you are considering a new project, a new idea, and want to evolve it, please connect and let's see how we can help each other to get your early stage project running and support your project with execution and validated learning in this project entitled Startup Up Side Down Remote in Brazil.

The project idea consists of moving a founder for 1-3 months to be physically in Brazil working to launch MVPs and evaluate them.

Remote Up Side Down — this program reverts the concept of remote working. It's not you hiring a remote developer or consultant from your location. It's you, living in the remote location, in this case Brazil, to be immersive and close to the consultant-developer team in order to run a project for a limited time with the goal of learning. This is not a project for scaling your team or product. This is mainly about learning and execution at the very early stages of an idea.

How would this work? Remote Up Side Down in Brazil

* You move to Brazil for 1-3 months

* We work 6-8 hours per day

* We will execute multiple hypothesis

* We will learn

* We will be balance development activities with founder level activities

* We will kill ideas

* We will run MVPs hypothesis against customers

* You will be also monitored as a founder

Context for the founder

* You are intended to serve things for the consumer market

* You have an idea and strong vision

* You have suppositions about the idea/product about the market

* You want to materialize prototypes or MVPs like cMVPs

* You want to learn

* You are considering pivoting

* You understand that we won't write an incredibly high performant app or system unless the pain hypothesis is exactly about performance

* You are okay with work for 8-12 hours per day

* You like to break work with work related activities, like to stop together to watch a talk related to the field

* You are communicating with developers and team in the proper way, telling them what is happening for everything, you want to communicate transparently

* You respect people and have high level of ethic moral behaviour

* You are okay to have your background checked

* You have references in Silicon Valley 3-5 that are open to talk on the phone about you

* Maybe other things — we will define a contract to the relationship of course.

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