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This is a group for people whose ideologies, interests, and actions are intersectional and radical. We embrace anarchism and any of its siblings, whether it be communism, anti-capitalism, socialism, or just egalitarianism. We seek to tear down all hierarchies. We care about all animals, human or non-human, and believe all oppression is interconnected and equally important. We believe in direct action and directly helping our community through grassroots mutual aid projects that do not require money, state intervention, board meetings, or bureaucracy, knowing that we will have no shot at destroying the institutions we oppose until we've created viable alternatives to it in the here and now.

Let's meet up, make new friends, share knowledge and schemes, and create at least small pockets of the type of world and systems we want to see! Some ideas are Food Not Bombs, Really Really Free Market, guerrilla gardening, dumpster diving, DIY radical film screenings, vegan pot lucks, protests, prisoner letter writing nights, and just hanging out and discussing things while strengthening our community and making each other better people!

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