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We wash the mud off the outside of our bodies, so how to flush the crud out of the insides? This is the essence of what cleansing & cellular detoxification is about, and spring is the perfect season - think of the old adage about 'Spring cleaning'!

In this informal session, we'll discover some simple methods to repair DNA and increase cellular efficiency with nutrition – thereby stimulating the body's natural detoxification mechanisms into optimum functioning. This means you can eat and drink your way to clean innards! We'll also discover some simple methods to restore proper functioning to the body's major elimination channels: the bowels, kidneys, lungs, and skin.

You'll receive some juice, smoothie, tea, and snack recipes to accomplish and support the above-mentioned processes.

This is part 2 of a 2-part Raw Nutrition workshop. Part 1 is on Raw Food Nutrition Basics (, and ends half an hour before this class. You are welcome to attend just one, or both! Class investment is $30 for one class, or $45 for both. I am also open to partial or full barters (contact me for details).

Enjoy your springtime, the most naturally powerful time of the year for diet upgrades & cleansing!

~ Isaac Clay

About Isaac:

When I first read about “the raw food diet”, I intuitively knew that something about it rang deeply true for me, and my life changed in a moment. I began my “raw food” journey with cleansing programs, eventually discovering the power of superfoods and tonic herbs. Over the years I have distilled the essence of humanity's true relationship with the plant mind, and what I share in my educational sessions is ultimately about helping you to discover what your next best step in life is, and how to arrive there with enthusiasm and joy. It is the process I follow for myself, and it is a timeless and ancient method.