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Price: $10.00 /per person
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Note that the location is the same, but the name is now Patina Garden Event Center, under new owner. The Meetup would not let me change name.

Journey of the Great Soul
Guided experience with Anneliese Blanchard

When I open to my guidance and assistance, channeled activations and transmissions occur. I speak in various light languages, sing, sound, and share messages. These guided experiences are unique and none are ever the same.

During my time as a Stargate Facilitator my guides have been teaching me about what they have told me is the Great Soul. Also, I recently came upon past channeled messages and writings about my direct experiences of a multidimensional nature that affirmed this has been something that has been a part of me for many years.

“The transmissions and activations arriving as teachings about the Great Soul are part of the greater arrival of all messages during this time on the planet. What is coming from the Great Soul contains potential for each one to contribute in the unfolding of what it means to actualize and expand one’s soul in ways that are intimate and personal to them, but also seeds the arrival of awakening for what is next for humanity. The journey of the Great Soul is ongoing, multidimensional in activity, multiverse in scope, and transitional from a hope filled life to one’s truth moving life onward. Always, always this journey is held in goodness, charity, strength, and love.”

“All is Many as well as All is One. This is the awakening call to one’s Great Soul.”


Comfort is important for this experience. There will be seating,but you may want to bring your own chair, or you may bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow to lay down. Also bring water.

Cost of event: $10
any questions: [masked]