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Anyone who wants to educate with Yumi Ogawa. I am licensed massage therapist who want to be a naturopathic doctor in the future. I own shiatsu massage business in Mission Valley. I go to college in the night time. I am single mom.(I was a dental hygienist too.) 2-3 times a year, I teach holistic skills in Japan & Europe. But, finally I decided to teach in San Diego too! Awwww

I really believe that we can take care of ourselves more better way. I discovered most of pains came from stress & emotions & life style. So, I want to pass around my Japanese yin-yang eastern knowledge + naturopathic holistic herbal knowledges in San Diego California. (I don’t know Chinese medicine very well. But I know Chinese 5 elements & Shiatsu meridians of our body) I am not anti-medication but I rather to chose natural way to fix the body.

【You can learn....】
Eastern knowledge of Holistic
Doterra Aroma oils & aromatherapy
Knowledge of Heath Wellness
Holistic crafts & DIY aromatherapy goods
Spiritual healing
Management of lifestyle

I will manage my meetup group. My wish is we meet every week regularly and build healthy relationships each other. I can not find the group what I am looking for. So, if I don’t have it, I make it. That is why I made this group.

I want to be friends with same interests people. Also, I really want to be part of San Diego local community. So, no one feel alone anymore. I would love to welcome anyone who wants to educate. I need great friends too.

I charge fee little bit $5-10 for each meeting. It is for paper & prints which I hand out it in the class. Sometimes those fee might spend for finger foods & drinks.(no alcohol). (DIY classes I will charge $20-40 for the materials. Massage training will be more I changed it but I don’t worry it right now. I just started this group. So, wait and see how goes. My office can fit 8 chairs. But if more people are coming, I will set the date on Saturday or Sunday to use chiropractor’s office waiting room. (20-50people fits)

You are welcome to pass your business cards each other. Become friends! If you don’t have business cards, don’t worry! We are still friends.

Education is power of us.
Relax and learn and enjoy!
We built the moment together. I know I can do it.

Thank you,
Yumi Ogawa
Owner / Massage Therapist

San Diego Shiatsu & Massage
2425 Camino Del Rio S
Unit 100
San Diego, CA 92108
United States
(Inside of Intouch Chiropractic)

(Massage is only by appointment. Call or text me)

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