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Yvonne O'Brien is an Irish Psychic Medium born and raised in Dublin Ireland. Yvonne moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1996 where she lived for 21 years. She just recently moved to Jacksonville, Florida. Yvonne's mother, Brigid O'Brien is a well known Psychic in Ireland practicing for thirty plus years. Yvonne grandmother Mary O'Brien was also very intuitive. Yvonne has been reading for clients since 2005 and training clients in mediumship since 2013.

Yvonne will be offering her monthly group session in Jacksonville and surrounding areas which is a small group event where every one gets a reading. Readings are for approximately ten minutes long and the group is kept to between 12 to 15 people. If you are interested in your spiritual development or have gone through an awakening or a growth period recently, why not come along to see what the small group session is all about. Yvonne, feels, sees and hears spirit. There is healing in it for everyone.

Yvonne also offers a plethora of workshops in spiritual development, her Road to Mediumship I, introduction to mediumship class and her Road to Mediumship II, more advanced class offer much to people interested in developing their gifts. Yvonne offers both half day and one day classes to help people change their careers and LIFE with Archangel Michael and Archangel Sandalphon for music. Yvonne also offers periodic channeling sessions and when her Mom, Brigid O'Brien is in town, they will team up for informational talks and workshops on various topics such as feeling a new life and working with your psychic abilities. To find out more about Yvonne, please visit her at www.yvonneobrien.com.

Upcoming events (5+)

The Road to Mediumship II - A six week ON LINE course in Mediumship

5549 Roswell Rd NE


Hello Everybody, I am very excited to announce the Road to Mediumship II is coming this fall and what a special time of year too! We will begin class on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 at 7:00pm. It is the second phase of the Road to Mediumship. The class will be predominantly on line with two classes on location in Atlanta, Georgia. The program is once evening night per week for six weeks. The program is open to all participants of the Road to Mediumship I or any person who has already taken an Intuitive Development Class or course or Advanced Healing Program. The dates are as follows: Wednesday, September 25th, 2019: On Line Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019: On Line Wednesday, October 9th, 2019: On Line Thursday, October 17th, 2019: On location in Atlanta Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019: On Line Tuesday, October 29th, 2019: On location in Atlanta This event has changed to primarily an on line event The Six Week Agenda includes: 1) Getting to know you: Your strengths and Understanding Barriers. 2) Understanding how Spirit Works Through Us - The Introduction and Body of the Reading. 3) Bringing in Signs from Spirit - The Body and Ending of the Reading & Working on You 4) Introduction to Physical or Trance Like Mediumship - Deeper Meditation Activities and Channeling. 5) Experiencing Earth Bound Energies - Visit to a highly energized place (location to be decided) 6) Using our gifts to Help - Practice Readings/Psychometry/Investigations The program is spread over a six week period so that the team members can grow while also formalizing the exercises into their daily routine. There will be a small amount of homework each week (nothing intense) and I will also be available if anyone has any questions. Based on group size and dynamics the program may vary slightly. The price of the program is $285 Dollars per person. This includes all materials and on line access. Make up classes can be provided, given suitable notice. Please contact Yvonne with any questions you may have at[masked] or via email at [masked] or via meetup. Looking forward to going on the journey! All the very best, Yvonne O'Brien

Yvonne's Monthly Group Session in Jacksonville

Sacred Spirit, LLC


*Time change - this event will begin at 11:00am* Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Monthly Group Session! This is a small group event where Yvonne will pass on messages from those that are crossed over to everyone in attendance. The group will be kept to a maximum of fifteen (15) people. You will be amazed at what our loved one’s in heaven know about us and what they want to share. They will give evidence of life after death and pass on important messages to you through Yvonne. Every event is unique and the moments are always touching, as there is nothing like making contact. To attend one of Yvonne’s Monthly Group Sessions, please click on the link to the website below. Reservations are suggested to guarantee a place at the event. Thank you for your patronage! Tickets to this event cost $40 dollars per person. No guarantee is placed on reading times. Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Yvonne O'Brien is an Irish Psychic Medium born and reared in Dublin, Ireland. Yvonne moved to Georgia, USA in 1996 and relocated to Jacksonville, Florida in August of 2018. She is the daughter of Irish Psychic Brigid O'Brien who has been reading for 30 plus years. Yvonne has been reading for clients since 2005. For more information on Yvonne, please visit her at www.yvonneobrien.com. http://www.yvonneobrien.com/tickets/ Looking forward to seeing you there! Happy New Year! Yvonne

The Road to Mediumship I - An Introductory 2 Day Workshop

Sacred Spirit, LLC


Hello Everyone, Welcome to my first Fall 2019 workshop in Jacksonville! The Road to Mediumship 1 is a 2 day Workshop meeting on Saturday and Sunday, November 2nd and 3rd, 2019 from 10:00am to 4:00pm. It is for people who are experiencing any of the following: 1. Have you ever seen, heard or felt a presence around you? 2. Has your interest in the beyond or what happens to us when we die suddenly grown? 3 Do you feel yourself being drawn to spiritual people, angels or the feeling of a lost loved one you really cared about? 4. What if the voices inside our heads were not from us? If you just had your “a-ha moment” come and learn with Yvonne O’Brien, a Masterful Teacher and Proven Medium. You will be in a room with people who are going through the same thing as you! This is an introduction to mediumship class where you will be taught short simple guided meditations, experience group exercises and learn methods for doing readings! I. You will learn to understand what you are feeling, hearing or seeing. II. You will be shown how to connect with your helpers: Angels, Archangels and Guides. III. To make sense of the messages they bring to you and above all receive validation for your experiences. IV. Get introduced to Mediumship Readings and receive a FREE Bonus reading on the second day!!!!! Tickets for this 2 Day Event cost $195 Dollars per person. Reservations are encouraged. Please book your seat by going to www.yvonneobrien.com. Yvonne O’Brien is an Irish Psychic Medium who has been communicating with spirit since a young child. She is the daughter of Irish Psychic Medium, Brigid O’Brien who has been reading for 30 plus years. Yvonne gives private readings, does group events and helps people connect through workshops. To learn more about Yvonne, please visit her at www.yvonneobrien.com. Please contact Yvonne at[masked] with any questions. Always happy to help! Yvonne

A Special Channeling with Saint Michael the Archangel and Yvonne O'Brien

Come join us on Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 At 7:00pm for a Special Channeling with Saint Michael the Archangel The Angel who guides our LIFE Path and Our Transition Home! (Through Irish Medium Yvonne O’Brien) As we honor All Soul's Day and the Celebration of the special family and friends in our lives crossed over. a) Archangel Michael will GIVE evidence to understanding our world. b) He will HELP us navigate through uncertainty and show us how love conquers all. c) Come hear Saint Michael honor our need to know about Life After Death. d) Where do we go when we die? e) PEACE will be given to all those who seek it. During this event, Yvonne will also lead the group through a very special guided meditation that everyone will enjoy! Individual messages may be given but are not guaranteed. Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm Sacred Spirit: 8825 Perimeter Park Boulevard, Suite 602 Tickets cost $25 dollars in advance or $30 dollars at the door. http://www.yvonneobrien.com/tickets/ Yvonne O'Brien is an Irish Psychic Medium who has been reading professionally since 2005. She is the daughter of Brigid O'Brien, a well known Psychic in Ireland who has been reading for thirty plus years. Yvonne and her mother both pay homage to Saint Michael the Archangel who Yvonne credits with changing her life! To learn more about Yvonne, please visit her at www.yvonneobrien.com.

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