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This is the first ZIO Meetup Group in SF!

This meetup exists to share knowledge of ZIO and the broader ecosystem in functional Scala, and to connect Scala developers to the people and knowledge necessary for them to excel at their workplaces.

Join this meetup if you want to learn how functional Scala can help you solve the most complex and challenging requirements in today's fast-paced business environments.

About Scala

Scala is a functional programming language with a powerful type system that helps you write robust concurrent, asynchronous, and distributed applications, with fewer bugs and lower cost of maintenance than other programming languages.

About ZIO

ZIO is a zero-dependency Scala library for asynchronous and concurrent programming.

Powered by highly-scalable, non-blocking fibers that never waste or leak resources, ZIO lets you build scalable, resilient, and reactive applications that meet the needs of your business.


Upcoming events (1)

That's So Meta & Next-Generation Operations With ZIO (Tuesday Oct 5th, 11 am)

We are back with the regular San Francisco Meetup series 🙌

We are going to meet on the 5th of October at 11 am SF time to listen to Damian Reeves and Adam Fraser.

This Meetup is prepared in collaboration with Capital One and Ziverge. 🙏

1st talk

That's So Meta by Damian Reeves

How meta-programming can be used to power core business logic and decisions.

The core domain of every business is what differentiates that business from any other entity. The core service your business provides, often cares little about the ambient shifts in technology and the trends of the day. Having a robust, correct and evolvable application core is important to any system. Functional programming techniques aid in the creation of such a core, but the application of meta-programming and language design principles can supercharge the experience. In this talk we'll explore one way that can be accomplished.

Damian Reeves is a Distinguished Engineer at Capital One and is a part of the firm's Core Modernization initiative around its core banking systems. He is helping to drive the direction around the modeling of financial instruments in a safe, robust, and user-friendly way.
Damian has over 17 years of experience in the financial sector and has been a part of key initiatives elsewhere including Morgan Stanley and AllianceBernstein. He loves functional programming and meta-programming and has been a core contributor to the Morphir project which started in Morgan Stanley as a way to apply functional domain modeling to the design of various financial systems. Morphir is now open sourced under FINOS (www.finos.org) and continues to be an inspiration for other work Damian engages in both in his professional and personal time.


2nd talk

Next-Generation Operations With ZIO by Adam Fraser

One of the major features coming in ZIO 2.0 is improved support for operations, including logging and metrics. But why do we need this? Don't we already have logging and metrics in our applications? In this talk Adam will describe how these features actually represent a fundamental shift in the level of observability ZIO ecosystem libraries can provide. We'll talk about how you can use these features and others in your own application. But even more than this we will talk about what you can expect from ZIO libraries you work with in the future. Come see what the next generation of operations can look like with ZIO!

Adam Fraser - Solutions Architect at Ziverge and core Contributor to ZIO library.

Adam is a software engineer passionate about using the power of functional programming to solve hard business problems. He is one of the top contributors to ZIO, a library for asynchronous and concurrent programming in functional Scala. Adam is the co-author of the ZIO Test and the author of ZIO Query. He is a regular conference speaker, writer, and mentor to other software developers regarding functional programming.

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