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Living in big cosmopolitan cities; we noticed that people converge from numerous countries & diverse cultures to live in fast moving cities. We become too absorbed with making a living, seldom looking around; missing out on the richness and beauty of opening up, and losing the opportunity to learn about people from other cultures although we live in the same place / city. There is ignorance and judgement that limit our capacity to learn and face challenges collectively.

We started Zaha in Jan,2018 in Dubai, where it is a journey of a cultural movement that reshapes the way we relate to each other through offering immersive cultural experiences; delivered by qualified maestros (experience leaders).

The experiences focus on exploring the human and emotional aspects of the cultures, which we call the intangible heritage of the cultures i.e. untold stories, efforts of the people behind the traditional food (I have a thing for farmers, my father is proudly one), and traditional art and craft.

Zaha is a solution for cosmopolitan cities or places where people experience cultural isolation i.e refugees communities. through Zaha: meet a refugee, we empower refugees to become Zaha’s maestros to conduct cultural experiences that enhances their integration into their communities in Europe

Tathawaq is our first offering of which we have conducted 17 times, and qualified maestros to replicate for their cultures too (Vietnam, Colombia, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Finland Palestine, and Puerto Rico; the target is to qualify 25 Maestros by end of 2018. Tathawaq is a 2-hour experience that focuses on story telling and food for the soul.

Zaha is for the city new comers, in places travelers and stay at home moms (we have Zaha women only)

We have been featured on BBC TV Show BBC Extra http://bit.ly/2B8kbYw and on Gulf News: http://bit.ly/2MAhiVJ

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