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"All our theories of improving the world, while we are still asleep, merely intensify the sleep of humanity." Maurice Nicoll Question: What is "awakening" in the psychological sense? How can "theories of improving the world" have the opposite effect of our intended purpose? How can awakened action help ourselves and others? We are currently reading through Maurice Nicoll's book, entitled "The Mark." Nicoll was a colleague of Carl Jung, the son of a Scottish minister, and a student of G.I. Gurdjieff. He brings all of these influences together in "The Mark." You may hear some of this work online at: Each week we meet to discuss a theme. This is a friendly, informal group for anyone interested in exchanging questions. We start by reading a text on a theme together. This may be a sacred text or a secondary text. We try to bring questions related to the theme, although the conversation my take unexpected turns. It is important to practice conscious listening, by receiving others' questions without judgement and without immediately trying to offer an answer. We practice deepening our ability to sit with a question and not allow the reactive mind to "solve" the mystery of a good question. The process of allowing a deep question to "burn" inside of us and percolate, helps us transcend ordinary judgements.

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The miraculous is all around us, but we are asleep to it.

We formed this group to study how multiple paths support the search for awakening. One great integrator of the East and the West was G.I. Gurdjieff and we discuss his indications on how outwardly differing traditions develop consciousness. We meet to sit together, to learn how to observe ourselves with grace, and to discuss the path of meditation and prayer. We read sacred texts as well as texts that support a meditative path such as: "Zen and the Bible" by Kadowaki, "The Mark" by Maurice Nicoll, "Lost Christianity" by Needleman and others. This is a real, living practice that transcends earthly categories, brings us into contact with what is eternal and opens us to a new dimension of being.

The being of Christ had a more profound, more transformative and more significant influence on humanity than any other individual in history. This radical influence exerted itself by rejecting earthly power, force and compulsion in favor of awakened compassion. No king, scholar, warrior, scientist or celebrity had more influence than the Christ. Ironically this happened even though Christ was born in a backwater, in humble circumstances, without connections to the prestigious or powerful people of the day. The Buddha’s rejection of princely power illustrates the same principle, that it is not political or material power that truly changes us. Gurdjieff showed that the light brought by self-observation changes everything. All three of these teachings point to awareness over outward power.

The fourth way is school that studies how all three of our human aspects (body, emotions, mind) can be developed together. It posits the idea is that the soul develops when it can observe these three (body, emotions, mind) all at once. The fourth way is a path of staying in touch with these three forces, physical, emotional, and intellectual and sensing that there is a higher spirit beyond all three of them. If you are looking for a group that studies real transformation, this group is for you.

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