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Gurdjieff's Fourth Way, Zen and Conscious Christian Study
Gurdjieff's Fourth Way, Zen and Conscious Christian Study
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East Library

5550 N Union Blvd · Colorado Springs, CO

How to find us

We will be in room E2, on the second floor of the library.

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Our local study group reads works related to the Gurdjieff ideas from multiple sources and then exchanges impressions, thoughts, and questions. We try to exchange ideas in a non-judgemental way, so that each person can have the freedom to express questions and be heard. Our group highly values asking questions, even if there is no immediate answer. So part of our study is how to hear questions and viewpoints from others. We welcome those who just want to find out what this is about. We are currently reading a book called "In Search of the Miraculous." This book is available online, so you do not need a copy to be part of the study.

We will be meeting again on December 4th, at 6:30 pm to 8pm. This time we will meet in room E2 of the East Library, 5550 N. Union Blvd.

We are currently reading through chapter 6 of our book. This chapter talks about the ancient idea of "know thyself." What exactly does it mean to "know theyself." What is it that actually knows? Come and share your thoughts on this question.

"Seek the Path, do not seek attainment, seek the Path within yourself. Do not expect to hear the truth from others, nor to see it, or read it in books" - Ouspensky