Meditate to Motivate Fitness Flow


Get motivated to stay on track with your fitness goals, personal development and mental health improvement. This class combines different forms of training modalities such as Qigong, Calisthenics and Yoga into a flow to challenge and relax the mind and body in order to enhance mindfulness, boost mental health and reduce anxiety. This class combines body improvement with personal development as the instructor shares personal development principles and have the class engage in self help activities such as reciting affirmations and focusing on goals.

In addition to introducing mindfulness practices such as affirmations, this class also includes autogenic training​, a series of exercises that lead to rapid and deep transformation.

The structure of the class is as followed:

Uplifting message and Self-Reflection -Stress and Tension Release

Rotational Movement Strength Training and Calisthenics

Relaxation and Meditation

Gratitude and Fortitude

Drop in rate $30

Attendees (1)