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Zen Mindfulness & HeartTouch for Emotional Pain, Anxiety & Burnout

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Centre Jean XXIII

52 Rue Jules Wilhelm · Luxembourg

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In this Mindfulness based workshop we will follow a transformational journey exploring ways to free ourselves from patterns which keep us in suffering.

The focus of the group will be on dealing with emotional pain in whatever form it manifests, anxiety and workplace stress & burnout.

We are interested in preventing the situation from getting worse as well as coming back to balance if already in a difficult place.

The work may be also be relevant to depression and in general for anyone experiencing difficulty relaxing deeply, by oneself or with others.

We will work on a body level and on an awareness, consciousness level. This is not a psychological or therapy focused workshop.

The workshop will follow a series of stages:

1) Opening Ritual: Walking into Mindfulness, Connecting to Others
2) Relaxing the Body & Mind: Concentration, Breath and Movement related practices
3) Coming to Stillness, Approaching difficulty on a sensory level
4) Mindful Reflection, opening to challenging issues cognitively
5) Group Sharing, Mindful listening
6) Compassionate Touch & Connection Practices
7) Closing Ritual

My personal experience is that this combination of practices: deep relaxation work, being with oneself in mindful awareness and connecting with others in compassionate resonance can help provide a way to come back from even extreme states of stress and confusion.

Nb. Burnout is a chronic state that has built up over time and it will take time and patience to heal, but the acute state of peak anxiety and confusion is something you can learn to deal with fairly quickly and overtime greater resilience will return as well.

Nb. Participants remain responsible for their own well-being and need to have access to a qualified counsellor if emotions come up which need care over time. Emotional release in the class itself is fine and I'm comfortable supporting this.

Nb. I am not a professional psychologist, but a qualified Mindfulness teacher with personal experience of burnout and extreme emotional states.

Please visit my website for more details and to book:
or email me: [masked]

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