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Tap into the healing energy of Art with Zen Zone's Monthly Art Therapy Group where we will explore how different styles of art can be used to aid in your healing journey. We will combine hands on art work in a learning and sharing environment with occasional guest artist speakers and rotating artist displays.

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Learn to Paint Your Dreams at Zen Zone's Oct Art Therapy Night

5112 N MacArthur Blvd


About the Event: Zen Zone welcomes Artist Jessica Lynn: Jessica will have some of her art on display at Zen Zone and will instruct us on how to create an easy multi media piece of art based on a dream you’ve had using watercolors and acrylics. Jessica's Instructions for the class: "In the days leading up to the art therapy event ask yourself a question as you go to bed. Think over this question as you fall asleep. See what happens! The next morning write down everything you can remember. Your question just may be answered. Write down any images that really stood out to you in the dream. If you’d rather not ask for a dream or maybe you don’t dream vividly. We can still do the project based on something else that holds meaning for you." Cost of the Event: The cost for the art instruction is $15 per person to cover supplies. Donations for the artist are appreciated. No experience needed and all supplies are provided. About the Artist- Jessica's current work seeks to interpret personal dreams through colorful mixed media on canvas and paper. "The dream state is an interesting place that our souls can take us to learn, release and grow. If we allow ourselves, we can receive messages that can heal and bring peace. My dreams are often quite vivid and have brought me clarity through their symbolism. Through my work I wish to help others tap into the healing potential available to them in their dream state." Zen Zone is looking for local aspiring artists interested in displaying their work and possibly teaching at a future art therapy event, so if you are an artist or know of one interested please message me.

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