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This is a gentle and easy introduction to Tai Chi. Beginners are welcome. No experience necessary.

There is a tai chi 108 Yang style video ( Jorge created for me two years ago. You could use this to help your daily practices.

By staring our Tai chi class early in the morning, we take advantage of the Rising Sun, and begin our coming days and week fresh with vigor.

While the physical movements of Tai Chi are a great form of exercise, Tai Chi is more than a slow motion dance form. Tai Chi was invented in China over 1000 years ago. Today, it is being practices by millions of people around the world. Tai Chi is perfect for slow us down and help us move into a state of effortless stillness and silence, where peak performance and exhilarating living begins. When combined with Yoga, Qigong and daily meditation, it will supercharge our spiritual quest, and integrate our body, mind and spirit leading to a state of Samadhi or deep mindfulness in everything we do in our life. It is an ideal exercise to de-stresss our body, mind and spirit in today's high-stress living.

This class is intended to help you to feel and work with chi¸ and to, thus, gain the full range of benefits from Tai Chi.

We will study the basic Tai Chi movements, footwork, hands, breathing, and possibly some application. Once you know some of the basic movements, you can combine them together into a routine such as the 108 form. This is a great opportunity for beginners since we’re breaking down the movements and practicing the lower body and upper body movement separately and then combined. We’ll review some of the movements from the prior class and try to add a few new movements.

There will be an optional Spiritual Coffee/Tea Hour at the Caribou coffee near Bauer and Norbeck shopping centre to discuss our spiritual insights, and relive our inner journey. Please join us to share your spiritual experiences and meet new

Please help keep this class FREE. We will appreciate your heart-felt contribution or love offering toward a rental Fund so we could continue in the winter. We would like to rent one of the Rockville Library meeting rooms. The cost renting the room for a nonprofit group is $20-$25 per hour. We will need the room from Dec-April. If weather is good on that Sunday, we will do it at the Town square or at Lake Needwood.

There is a lot to learn in Tai Chi, because originally it is an advanced form of Martial Art. To people who has no experience in martial art or haven't exercised for a while, it can be quite challenging. Michael offers a small private class on Thursday night at Caribou coffee, 6:30PM for people who really wants to learn the Art of Tai Chi well and practice at home. The cost is $90 for 6 classes. Please contact him (240-447-3829) if you want to join this class.

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