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The Zero Judgment Cardio Dance Party is a free, radically non-judgmental dance experience. It is a safe container for people with all levels of experience with dance (including none) to explore creative movement and generally wild out to fun, adventurous music together. The only rule is that everyone has to be nice to each other.

I started becoming interested in free-form dance because I knew getting enough exercise was really important to my emotional wellbeing and I desperately needed a way of getting it that didn’t bore me to tears. As such, some tips will be given at every Zero Judgment Cardio Dance Party on how to use free-form dance to get in a workout. Nobody will be pressured into using the event for this reason. It is perfectly fine to show up just to explore creative movement and have a good time. But if you are like me and value exercise but find many forms of it to be rather tedious or unpleasant, taking some time to figure out how to make exercise enjoyable for yourself through creative movement (A.K.A. dance) can be incredibly rewarding... not to mention the fact that high intensity freestyle dancing is also just ridiculously entertaining!

All ages are welcome, and “levels of ability” won’t even begin to be relevant.

Some events will be in Brooklyn, some in Manhattan.

Hope to see you in the real world soon!

P.S. All of the events in this meetup are also advertised through the Propeller: A Mental Health and Wellness Community (http://www.meetup.com/propeller) meetup (in addition to other kinds of wellness-related events). You may want to join that meetup instead of this one if it looks more up your alley!

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