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# Schedule
17:30 - Pre-meetup - gathering, small talk
18:00 - Meetup kickoff, Group announcements
18:15 - Alen Pokos - Oauth2 workshop
18:45 - Break
19:00 Dominik Černelič: Oh CMS, Where Art Thou?
19:30 - Lightning talks

Please join us for ZgPHP Meetup #85!
We have two very interesting topics this month, Oauth and CMS's!


Alen Pokos - Oauth2 workshop
Have you ever discussed authentication and authorization? Ever exchanged googled about "access token", "grant type" or "scope"?
If you have used Oauth2 but never dug into it or plan to use Oauth2 this is a talk to visit.
We will cover what makes Oauth2 and how it works by looking into details of it and discuss some thoughts about it.
This will be a bit different talk concept that will aim to provide workshop-like atmosphere and include the participants in being engaged in the topic.

A brief intro of Alen: "Working as Deputy CTO at Trikoder. I am someone who likes technical solutions and good communication. Besides playing in code editor and writing documents, I like to put my efforts to solve some challenging problems, adopt new technologies and just to see what can be done to enjoy technology a little bit more. "

Dominik Černelič: Oh CMS, Where Art Thou?
It's the most frowned upon word in web development. For a long time the narrative has been that CMS's are bad, not working, hard and/or limited. If you can use them, they're trash and won't produce results and if they are capable, they're impossible to master for non-hardcores. It's time to change that and change the word CMS altogether in to what it should have meant since the start. A Content Management System, DominoCMS is something completely different and purposely breaks the rules of conventional CMS thinking. It's completely dynamic, lightweight, limitless, lightning fast, frameworkless, sustainable and can be used by total beginners without coding or the hardcore most developers to custom code and develop any kind of website, web application, IT solution or just a pure content management solution. DominoCMS is set to become the Minecraft for adults, your personal sandbox, editor of life and moneymaking machine.

A short story about Dominik: "I'm a designer/programmer/brand developer/entrepreneur/..., the founder of Domdesign, digital engineering studio, under which I've been creating design, branding, identity, web and IT solutions for the better part of 2000's. I started creating CMS systems before it was cool and didn't get the memo, so I stayed developing them way after it stopped being cool. My simple motto to endure was "if you do anything for long enough, you'll eventually stop sucking at it". And now my solution DominoCMS is the foundation of my business and has already proved itself in it's many successful business implementations. In the years of searching and development I've learnt so much from free software and now it's time to give it back. Going open source is my way of doing so and the Robin Hood plan is to finally give everyone a chance to make it online and not being forced to use solutions that were created to fail."

# Lightning talks

If you want to share something with others in 5 minutes, you will have a chance during the lightning talks block.
Rules are simple: exactly 5 minutes, simply talk about something you find interesting. Be prepared or submit it on the spot, either is fine.

See you at Pivana on Thursday!