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iShare YOUR Content - - Coming Soon! Digital Newsletter To Share Your Content
iShare YOUR Content - - Digital Publishers Helping Each Other!will be holding a second Meetup to further evolve the planning for a digital newsletter that will be the vehicle for sharing your content and which will reside right here on the Meetup platform. No Better Place For It Because It's All Setup and Ready To Go! The first Meetup which took place on October 30th left me with a clear impression that helping each other would benefit from the many tools and resources already in place. That there's no need for us to re-invent the wheel. Most importantly, it will enable everyone who wants to participate, no matter what their number of connections are online. No matter how tech savvy you are or not. And, whether you have 20 or 20,000 followers will not matter one bit. I want to design this sharing and helping each other digital newsletter to be as inclusive as possible. So, don't hesitate to join us in this publishing adventure just because you're new to the digital field or don't understand how it works. No one is ever an expert and we can always learn a bit more and better from each other. Please RSVP to indicate your interest. We'll be setting the date and time in the near future and your interest will help me to decide where the Meetup should be held. More news to follow.................. __________________________________________ This Meetup is in part community funded: Become a Backer by Chipping in to Support our Meetup! If you like what we're building and want to be an early Backer of our plan for a crowdsharing community, please consider chipping in. We appreciate your contributions to help cover our costs and make this Meetup a powerful engine dedicated to your success! To Donate, Click on the GREEN "Chip in" BUTTON located in the LEFT SIDEBAR OF THIS SCREEN PAGE (right above the Organizer PHOTO). Thank you. __________________________________________ This Meetup is produced by: Zorka Kovacevich Marketing, a certified marketing and promotion professional specializing in event-based, inbound, and strategies. Zorka Kovacevich Marketing is an Owner-Organizer of over 45+ New York city groups with over 30,000+ registered professional members. View our family of Meetup groups, here: Let's talk! Schedule a phone meeting to discuss what we can strategically improve to achieve your professional goals, here: __________________________________________

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Manhattan · New York, NY

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Welcome to The Soaring Social Entrepreneurs Club of New York City!

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As a Group we are interested in all things social to help grow our business, on-line and off-line!

Members are focused on dynamically contributing to the current economic revolution which is taking place here -- right NOW!

We have made a deliberate decision to discard the old way of doing business by replacing and re-shaping our former methods and stagnant tools with vital relationships and fresh strategies for thriving, profitable and sustainable growth.

Together, we welcome and celebrate this new technological age full of yet to be identified amazing bounty of unlimited social opportunities which await us!

I hope we'll meetup soon!

Zorka Kovacevich
Meetup Organizer


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