Past Meetup

Rep Management 101: How to Protect Your Good Name in an Omni-Channel World

This Meetup is past


In today’s socially connected world, your company’s reputation depends upon so much more than the info presented on your website and in your own self-published marketing materials.

There are multiple sources of information that potential customers can now consult to evaluate your capabilities and decide whether or not it appears wise to conduct business with you. How do you safeguard your reputation in all of the various places that influence purchase decisions? And what should you do to recover from an unsavory attack on your credibility?

We’ll explore all of these questions and more in our next Meetup session. Steven Giovinco of Recover Reputation ( ) will be sharing his wisdom with us on this highly critical aspect of Inbound Marketing.

Don’t be a victim! Learn how to respond appropriately to defend your online rep.