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Digital Strategy Overiew - Achieving your Business Objectives

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The opportunity for businesses of all sizes to grow their brands and sell their wares through digital marketing has increased geometrically.

However, it’s especially hard for small and medium-sized businesses to determine the right approach, especially when challenged with few resources and non-existent budgets.

There are so many options out there in social, mobile and digital media. What is the right approach?Where do I concentrate my limited resources?Which ones will drive business results most effectively?Which ones can I afford to forego?How do I measure true success so that I know I’m driving my business forward? What is a strategy, anyway?In this talk, drawing on 15+ years of digital marketing experience, John Wolff will help you address each of these key questions and more by walking through a strategic, consumer-driven approach that will help you determine a digital strategy that works for your specific business challenges and your target customers’ needs. While you may not learn about tactics to deploy, you will be armed with a framework to help you determine who, what, when, why, and how.


John Wolff is a VP Digital Strategist at Carat, a communications planning agency where he advises P&G brands on digital marketing strategy. Upon earning an MBA from Cornell as a Park Leadership Fellow, Wolff joined American Express where he developed and marketed a consumer eCommerce site. He then joined Internet start-up Jungle Interactive Media…just in time for the crash. He spent two years as head of marketing for Logicworks, an Internet Services firm before switching gears as a screenwriter and film producer in LA. He returned to his first love, Internet Marketing, as a Digital Strategist with Colangelo, an Omnicom marketing agency.

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