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Cuddle and Bounce Kindermusik Class for Babies

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This Spring We'll Cuddle and Bounce
Create a nurturing daily routine with your baby

On January 6, I had my 3rd baby. Yeah :) more smiles and life into our home :)

We tought sign language to our first daughter and it made the communication so easy. Before she spoke, she made the signs for milk, eat, hello, sleep etc. I felt I could make myself understood and she could "speak" to me. It was also a fun activity to do along the day.
In the cuddle and bounce Kindermusik class, we will explore sign language, music adapted to babies, games, massages, movements, you will learn what you can expect or not from your child at this development stage, and all this in a fun & light atmostphere. We focus in the moment on the process and not the performance. We learn to be present. We leave our competitor mind at home, we come to enjoy the process & stages of our babies.
I find that leaving the expectations aside enables the baby and us, the parents, to explore and enjoy each step of the way.

To find out more about the class go onto my website, call or email to register.
see you soon!

starting Friday 25th of April for 8 weeks
in Widen
all the other info are on my website.
If you did not try already a class, you are welcome to come and check it out!

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