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Welcome to Züri eXpats Hike & Outdoor!


Let's get into gear and see more of Switzerland. We know the best places and trails


Summer hikes all over Switzerland for all levels.


Rafting in the greatest canyons you will ever find.


Horse riding in the Montafon Valley national park.


Paragliding over the Alps like an eagle.


And Zurich offers quality of life that can’t be beat. It has a lake with pure, clear water surrounded by hills and is very close to many scenic mountains.

About the Züri eXpats

Earlier this year, our parent Meetup group Züri eXpats grew by leaps and bounds, thanks to a motley crew of savvy social butterflies and oodles of volunteer help. As this group expanded and merged with another popular Meetup group, it chose to capitalize & focus on a winning formula for certain events and locations. This left our members without a creative outlet to experiment with their OWN event ideas.

Thus the Sandbox was developed, as an inspired and evolving entity BY & FOR our current Züri eXpats members.

We are alive and kicking... here is a summary of our activities.

This past year we organized a variety of professional, social, and cultural meetups, also planning numerous social gatherings around international highlights in Zurich. We did over 240 events in and around Zurich, and all over Switzerland.

Our highly qualified fellow expat Sandbox members will be there for:

◉ Runs along the lake, starting at Chinagarten: Exercise with your peers and enjoy life in Zurich.
◉ Bike around Lake/ Limmat river: The best places to bike are not obvious!
◉ Hike in the Canton of Zurich and in the surrounding mountains: We’ll show you the best trails and breathtaking views.
◉ Visit interesting objects in the Canton of ZH: Ladies , we give you a insight how to get all invitations to all great paces.
◉ Swim and sail around the lake: We offer possibilities to sail with us.

From basic to advanced, from general to sector related… Just bring an idea for an event!

We do a lot with our four Meetup groups: Züri eXpats City Life Network, Züri eXpats Business Professionals, Züri eXpats Hike & Outdoor , and Zurich Movie Fans. Altogether we have over 20 000 highly educated members that contribute to 60% of the economic output of the Canton of Zurich.

Züri eXpats also participates in social and semi-political events that help contribute awareness and promote integration of expats in Zurich (http://www.integration.zh.ch/internet/justiz_inneres/integration/de/home.html). We contribute positively to the Swiss lifestyle as well, and work in cooperation with our partners in the integration offices at both the city and cantonal level.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events, to attend and contribute to the experience…whether you are Swiss or an Ausländer.

Volunteers WANTED

We have ambitious plans including new activities & VIP venues for our members this year. It is our intention to have a full range of events throughout the week that cater to everyone's interests.

If you are interested in being part of the team that makes it all happen, you can be a volunteer. If you help us with five events, you will be a premium member for the year and belong to all four Züri eXpats platforms. If you are too busy, you can also show us your support with €20 per annum as a member of the four platforms.

Please sign up as volunteer today and don’t forget to RSVP for tonight's event!

We have an international staff of energetic and enthusiastic volunteers that will make you feel welcome at ALL of our events.

Our goal >> The Züri eXpats strives to be a safe, welcoming and open platform for the creative exploration of new Meetup event ideas and formats, by and for our members. Grow your inner event planner! We'll provide you with feedback and guidance, and help foster your event ideas. We may even promote your event on our other social media platforms – Meetup, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, etc.

Here are some basic guidelines:

1) Become a member.

2) Shoot us a quick email on what type of event you'd like to create. We'll give you some constructive feedback (if needed) for quick changes and tips to improve your event concept.

3) Once we green-light your project, we'll make you an event host. This will allow you to immediately create your very own Meetup event.

4) By creating quality, recurring events with increasing numbers of attendees and positive feedback, we will lend our marketing muscle to your cause by cross-promoting your event(s) on our other social platforms – Meetup, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, etc. In addition, we could create "Züri eXpats co-branded marketing materials" such as flyers and banners, which will further grow your event ideas beyond what any one person could do on their own.

5) For those event planners that show promise, rest assured that we'll have our eyes on YOU! If you are up to the challenge, we may invite you to become one of our main group's planning committee members, which has its own perks and privileges :)

Please note: This group is an extension of our other Meetup group, Züri eXpats. You can sign up for this other group for updates on our regularly planned social events.

We look forward to helping you grow your ideas in the Sandbox in 2013 and beyond!


John Wubbe

President of Züri eXpats

For those interested in organizing, or would like further information, please call 079 946 38 43 or jpmwubbe@gmail.com. You can contact me for advice, ideas, or suggestions.

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