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Movie Mondays! A Züri eXpats Event!

For the Love of the Movies…

As a child growing up, there were few things that made such an impact on my developing brain as going to the movies with friends. As an American, the movie-watching experience is as much a part of our modern culture as cars, football and apple pie (and not necessarily in that order).

Globally, there are few things like the movies that have the scale to touch the emotions of so many people and leave a lasting impression. They can promote trends (good and bad) and proliferate catch-phrases that are known world-wide. It is this shared, global experience & bonding that makes movie-watching so special & so loved by so many cultures.

Why Create yet another Movie Meetup Night?

If you're expats like us, even though we're independent-minded, we don't like to drink alone…or go to the movies. That's why we started this Movie Meetup :) On 2 Mondays a month we will schedule a Movie night to meet like-minded cinephiles for a cup of coffee or beer, followed by a great, mainstream movie selection. All movie choices will feature English as the spoken language at first. Plus, we will explore various theaters throughout the Zurich region to find the best one(s) for our movie-going pleasure.

FREE Movie Prizes?! You betcha!

To make things entertaining, we'll throw together a Movie Trivia Game for each Movie Monday Event. For the portion of the evening prior to the movie, we'll have movie trivia -- about the movie, the actors, the director, the genre, the original source material, etc. The person(s) with the most correct answers will receive FREE Tickets to the movie that night!

Why Movies on a Mondays?! It's a bloody Work Night…

We realize that your time is precious, and we all like our sleep. But sometimes, event scheduling is complicated; plus we like to spread things throughout the week to give everyone an opportunity to experience Züri eXpat Events. BUT most importantly, Mondays are DISCOUNT NIGHT at the theaters, so we can score relatively inexpensive movie tickets -- roughly 13 CHF vs. 18-20 CHF -- which is at least closer to what we'd pay for movies in our respective home countries ;)

Misc Movie Info & Recommendations

1) Get the Carte Bleue Card from Swisscom

– for 30 CHF (20 CHF annually + 1-time 10 CHF for the card) you can view most movies at this discounted 13 CHF rate. These cards are available for purchase at Swisscom stores and most movie theaters.

– You can download the Carte Bleue App to your Smartphone and book multiple tickets in advance (up to 10 tickets per card), go paperless, etc.

– There are other discounts & movie perks available to card holders, such as "Ladies Night" and Men's Night".

See the link for details >>

2) Buy your tickets in ADVANCE!!

– movie theaters in Switzerland have assigned seating, so consider buying your tickets in advance to get the best seats.

– AFTER the first couple of Movie Mondays, based on feedback and consistent attendance, we will consider pre-buying a lot of 10-20 tickets for our eXpat group. We don't want to be stiffed for a few hundred francs on movie tickets – which happened on 1 event last summer – so we are a little cautious about doing this again. Help us make this a great communal experience by RSVP'ing EARLY, so that we can pre-pay for group tickets!

About This Monday's Movie Selection

Movie Choice: .................

Brief Overview:

"12 dwarves and Gandalf the Grey fulfills all expectations."

Theater Location: Abaton Theater
Heinrichstrasse 269, 8005 Zurich, CH

Movie Time: 20:00 (abaton 3 screen, in 3D)