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Organiser & Host Orientation – A Züri eXpats Event


Please Note: as of October 15th 2012, we've MERGED our Meetup Events and Staff with the former Internations Friendship Club. We are now just called "Züri eXpats (". Please go to this Meetup Group Link ( and sign up for our Events there instead; we will be SHIFTING THE FOCUS of this Meetup Group in the coming weeks!

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Dear Züri eXpats newcomer,

We are SO glad that you've answered our call to help! As with any undertaking, great events require planning...and a cracker-jack team to execute on those plans.

Hopefully, that's where YOU come into the Züri eXpats picture :)

As a non-profit venture, the Züri eXpats Group is a labor of love...and we survive & THIRVE on the efforts of our fantastic group of volunteers & organizers.

There are so many aspects to this group, behind the scenes, where we can use YOUR help to function more smoothly and efficiently, among them:

– Marketing (& Group Expansion) Efforts

– Competition Research

– Public Relations

– Internet Presence & Maintenance

– (Online) Social Media Outreach

– Event Hosts (& General Event Support)

– Event Organizers & Planning

– Fundraising & Sponsorship Acquisition

– Copy Writing & Editing

– Location Scouting & Research for New Events

– Idea Generation & Research for New Events

As you've shown an interest in helping our group, come join us for a quick Orientation Meeting over beers. Get to know the key members of our Organization, as we share our vision for the group and our plans for future events, 6 months' out. We'll ask you a few questions, such as where you think your strengths lie & where YOU want to engage, and we'll plan accordingly.

Sound good? We hope so...and we'll be excited to meet you and have the chance to share our communal experiences as eXpats in this wonderful land of Cheese & Chocolate :)

The Snug Lounge in the Lion's Pub (

Keep it Short! Keep it Simple!

• 20.00-21.00 Find us in the Lion's Pub private area next to the bar, The Snug Lounge. We'll chat a bit about things, take names and contact information as necessary, and then send everyone on their way. We all have lives on the outside to get back to on a weeknight, don't we??

Best regards,

John, Nick & Darryl
The Züri Expats Organizer Team