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Alp- und Kulturweg Schrina Hike

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Update in path:

Isa suggested we adjust our route some for a nicer hike. The updated route should be about the same change in altitude, but could be a little longer in time and distance.

We will take the reverse of Isa's suggestion. We go first to Lüsis, Brunnen, Tschingla then continue counter-clockwise around the path. We will take the 16:00 bus from the Reha-Klink back. Going this route will cut off a portion of the original, circular path's length. The first portion will be longer but I think a more gradual grade up.


A good but challenging hike at the bottom of Churfirst and above the Walensee. 1300m change in altitude. 15km. 5-6 hours.

Here is the agenda:
• Arrive at Walenstadt at 09:22.

o 08:00, meet under the Blue Angel. (I will join later at Wadenswil because I live in Au ZH).
o 08:12, DEPART Zurich HB platform 8.
o 08:57, EXIT train at Ziegelbrucke. I join at 08:32 at Wadenswil.
o 09:02, DEPART Ziegelbrucke platform 7.
o 09:22, EXIT train at Walenstadt.

• Hike: From Walenstadt to Walenstadtberg, about 4km. 1 hour.
• Hike: From Walenstadtberg we follow the circular route detailed in the link below, about 11km. 5 hours + 1 hour lunch, breaks, PAXMAL thing.

Walenstadtberg Dorf – Rüfenen – Tschingla – Schrina Obersäss - Schrina Hochrugg – Schönegg - Bergerwald – Knoblisbüel – Walenstadtberg Dorf

• Return: Take 16:04 bus from Walenstadtberg, Alte Post down and back to Zurich. Back in Zurich at 17:48.

Things to bring:
• Lunch
• Water
• Sunscreen
• Rain Jacket
• An understanding of hiking etiquette:

Things to know about this hike:
• I am not a professional guide.
• I am getting most of my information about this hike from the webpage below.
• You should take into consideration your own ability to hike this distance at an average hiking pace, a fast walk. This will be very very difficult if you have not hiked this year.