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4 Days Hike (Val Muri,LagoSt.Giacomo,V.Viola,V. Da Camp,V.Poschiavo)

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Dear All.
I plan a hike for 4 Days (1st to 4th August) goes true Switzerland and Italy.
The Area between Santa Maria (Müstair) , Val Da Camp and Tirano is amazing! Between Val Da Camp and Tirano (I) I`ve been already. On one Day a Hike can be between 7-9h without brakes. To have this kind of trails 4 days makes the hole Trail strong. So this trail is nothing for beginners.
Here is a Map prepared (provisory) with a lot of Informations (Links). Details can change. There are also alternatives.

The registration here is now definitly!

I have reservated in the huts for 4 persons!

If the weather outlooks doesn`t look fine, I will cancel this hike!

We take a train from Zürich to "Sta. Maria Val Müstair, posta ( ", Meetup at Zürich Mainstation 7:00 am. Train from Zürich is at 7:07am (Zürich; Landquart; Zernez; Sta. Maria Val Mustaire arrive at 10:22am). People from Basel can take a train at 6:07am. We will not arrive in Sta. Maria much later, than the timeplan bevore!

Return: We take the Train back from Tirano (planed) back to Zürich. The last Train is at 5:40 pm. Arriving (4th August) in Zürich 11:48 pm.

Arrival and depature:
Halftax: Train and Bus from Zürich to "Sta. Maria Val Müstair, posta ( " 40 CHF
Halftax: Train Tirano to Zürich 44 CHF (take a ticket at first in Tirano!)

Accomodations and Huts:
about 70 CHF per Night (3 Nights)
I still have to check that!

SUMMA: 40+44+3x70 = ca. 298 CHF without Drinks and Food for the Trail. For the Food in the Huts I have to ask (dinner mostly inclusive in the huts).
I don`t make an account for the transaction, you have to pay for the ticket and in the huts and accomodation by yourself!


* The organizer is not responsible for any bodily injury or other accidents that might happen during the hike. By signing up on this activity, the participants agree that the organizer will not be held responsible in any way. Although the hike is not complicated, it is each individual responsibility to ensure that they can do the hike and check out the trail.

* To bring along : hiking boots, rain gear, water, snack, lunch ( I suggest we take lunch on the trails), smile, positive attitude, suncream. Is good if you have your own sleeping bag with you. Minimum probably an "Inner-Sleeping-Bag".

* In case there is lots of rain, storm etc. then of course this hike does not take place

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