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Walserweg Stage 17

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Update: 24/08

Langwies - Gotschnagrat (

The same path as before for the first 11k but then leaving Route 35 for the Berghaus Gotschnagrat. We'll finish by 15:30 and take the gondola down to Klosters after we sit a while. The rains come around 15:30.

Length: 14.5k

Time: 5h

Height difference ups: 1200m (an even grade up over 13k)

Height difference downs: 252m

Topomap (,Wanderwegnetz&bgLayer=pk&scale=99999.8&X=778410.4938655&Y=190176.38253&trackId=1453186&lang=en) of adjusted route


Langwies - Klosters

Through the pass from one side of the mountains to the other following Walserweg Stage 17.

Given that the afternoon might have thunderstorms and lightning the idea of going high doesn't appeal to me. This route will be in the east of the country where the morning should be okay and in a pass, not on ridges or slippery areas, should things get wet.

If the afternoon gets too wet we can take the lifts down and save 1 hour from the given statistics.


Length: 19k
Hiking time: 6h
Requirements: medium (mountain hiking trail)
Conditions: difficult
Height difference ups: 1020m
Height difference downs: 998m

(These are important for you to understand so that you sign up for a hike you are comfortable making.)

(Seriously, understand these. It's the difference between a nice day out in the mountains and a death march.)


(Android app users, there are JPGs here.)

- Meet at LANGWIES GR at 09:49.

For those coming from Zurich, meet at 07:25 under the angel. To make finding each other easier at 07:25 hold your water bottle in your left hand and your cell phone in your right. Look for others doing the same. Leave for the train at 07:26.

(To help late comers, could someone please post which train car the group is in on this board. I'll be joining later because I live down the lake some.)

- Follow Route 35 ( , topomap (,Wanderwegnetz&bgLayer=pk&scale=199999.6&X=779203.89205&Y=191217.102101&trackId=1451698&lang=en)

- Have a drink / dinner in Klosters

- Return to Zurich ~ 17:21

Things to bring:
• Lunch
• Water, 2l
• Sunscreen / hat / rain jacket / real hiking boots
• An understanding of hiking etiquette:

Things to know about this hike:
• I am not a professional guide.
• I am getting most of my information about this hike from the Wanderland website and the Switzerland Mobility maps.
• You should take into consideration your own ability to hike this distance at an average hiking pace. We do move fast at this point in the summer, you should be able to keep up with the group.
• We'll keep this a people hike, no dogs please. There are a number of great dog groups in Zurich that hike, please look into those.
• If you can't make it but have signed up or are in the wait list, please update your status as early as possible. Those in the wait list will be thankful. Please do this, it makes getting the numbers right a lot easier for me.