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Dear All,

Zinal is one of the 4 skiing areas (Grimentz - St-Luc - Chandolin and Vercorin) that make up the ski resort Val d'Anniviers. The whole area boasts 220 km of pistes covered by a single ski pass, with runs from 1,340 to 3,000m above sea level. The area is great for skiing and besides blue slopes for beginners, has several red and black runs. Beside there are fabulous views on the several 4,000 meters mountains. For a more detailed skimap- see below.

Wecan either ski two days in Zinal and/or go for a day to Zinal and a day to Grimentz.

Given that it takes 3,5 hours by train/bus to get there, the plan is to stay over for a weekend- departure Friday evening around 5.30pm and departing Zinal Sunday late afternoon. The winter schedule from SBB isnot known yet so by mid December I should be able to provide you with exact details of trains and will update the Meetup site with exact times of train/bus departures.

10.01.2014 Zurich to zinal

Departure 17.02 arrival Visp 19.02 (train)
Departure 19.36 arrival Sierre 19.54 (train)
Departure 20.10 arrival Vissoie 20.41 (bus)
Departure 20.43 arrival Zinal Poste 21.10 (bus)

Return 12.01.2014

Departure Zinal Poste 15.44 arrival Sierre 16.50
Departure Sierre 17.06 arrival 17.23 Visp
Departure Visp 17.57 arrival zurich hb 19.58

For those that have never been on a Meetup skiing trip- the concept is simple. Given that there are different levels of skiers/snowboarders, typically smaller groups are being formed by those of equal ability. On Saturday morning and Sunday morning we decide in what mountain hut around what time we will meet for lunch so that everyone can catch up with others, if they like to. In the evening we will have joint dinner and for those who still have flexible muscles after a day skiing there might be some music to dance on.

I have taken an option for 24 spots in a hotel in Zinal, so that the hotel will be entirely ours. This place has many double rooms (8), a couple of single rooms and 4-bed room. As much as I can I will take into account your request for double, single room and so son… please do understand that I put women in the same room, men in the same room (unless couples) so sometimes I have to shift people from room to meet the balance of number of females/males coming. Therefore please do not complain if at the end, I can-t offer you exactly the room you were asking for.

Given that Friday night, highly likely we will arrive around 9.30 PM or later, I did not book any dinners, however those who are hungry can of course still get something at the hotel or other restaurants in Zinal.

The prices by person for two nights for the hotel are:

* Accommodation/taxes/breakfast and dinner (Saturday night only): 150 francs

My bank details:

Account number 230-482989.40A


IBAN: CH71 0023 0230 4829 8940 A

Patrick Wellens

8045 Zurich

As you will certainly understand, group bookings in winter needs to be made several months in advance. Since I do not want to take the financial risk of booking a whole hotel and then nobody shows up, I will only make a booking for confirmed payments. Therefore in order to secure our place as a group, can I please ask you to make a transfer to my bank account by October 1, 2013 at the latest. As soon as the payment is received I will obviously update the Meetup site. If there is little interest for this activity, I will cancel this trip.

Looking forward to great skiing,


· In Zinal village there are various ski-shops, so for those who want to rent skis/snowboards/snow-shoes etc. this is all possible.

· I will make a group reservation in trains and buses on Friday night and Sunday afternoon (at no cost). Important to note is that in case the Group does not show up I as an organizer get charged 50 francs (for trains) and several hundred francs for bus. Therefore please let me know as soon as possible whether you will join the group by train/bus and/or are coming by car.

· Everyone is responsible to buy their own train/bus tickets – I only make the group reservation (so that we have space).

· Given that there is only 1 large cable car that takes you from Zinal village towards the skiing area over 2,000 meters, clearly the sooner you get to the cable car the better. After 9 am typically various groups are coming and then the times to get to the top gets longer.

· Please note that everyone is responsible for his/her own acts. It is up to each individual to take out appropriate insurance (off-piste, rescue, hospitality, third -party liability etc.) and by no means this organizer can be held responsible in any way for organizing this ski-weekend.

· Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis. Rather than the date someone clicked yes on the Meet-upsite, the date of payment will be considered.

· There are no refunds. In case you cannot make it, someone else can take your spot till 1 week before departure. To avoid that continuous changes are being made till the last moment and I have to communicate these changes continuously to the hotel, a flat amount of 10CHF will be charged for any changes during the last three weeks prior to the trip.

· You do not need to bring along sleeping bags, blankets etc. however you need to bring along a towel.