Past Meetup

Sven's Hike: Autumn (?) Hike Innereriz to Kemmeribodenbad


Hi there,

For an Autumn Hike I found what seems to be a really nice hike for this time of season: from Innereriz to Kemmeribodenbad....don't worry, I also never heard of these places, but it seems to be very close the Emmenthal Region, between Interlaken and Bern. Another quiz: this was the home place of Jeremias Gotthelf....what? don't know him?...ok, neither do I and don't ask me and just google it. Here the details: Up and down 750m in total (not continuously going up/down). 12Km hike, 4 hours long. For details, go to or

Train schedule:

Zürich HB ab 08:32,

Bern an 09:28.

Bern ab 09:34

Thun ab 09:52.

Thun, Bahnhof ab 10:02

Innereriz, Säge an 10:54

Return: from Kemmeriboden at 16:40 arriving ZÜrich HB at 18:56.

If you miss us on the meeting point, please go directly to the train and catch us there. If you don't find us, give me a call - please don't sent SMS "W r u?" as I am very slow in typing back a whole explanation on where we are - a call is quicker.

To bring along:

- Water (min. 1 Liter)

- Food (Cookies, Snacks, Sandwiches, Grilled Chicken, etc)

- Sun and Rain protection (creme, glasses, jackets)

- Extra clothes (after the hike)

- Steady shoes (sneakers - or in UK English "trainers", are on your own judgment)

- Hiking Poles are recommended

Waiting List: Just to have a good size of a group, I limit the people to 30. If you want to come anyway, get yourself in the Waiting List and send me a short message.

I will buy Group tickets, hence, when signing up, please let me know if you want to be included and if you have a Halbtax, GA, or "none". It is usually a good idea to be in the groupticket as everyone gets 20% discount plus a reserved seat on train, but it can only consider those that stick with the group from and back to Zürich). Note that those with GA adds to the number of the group to meet the minimum required number to be a group.

I hold the right to cancel the trip due to weather or illness reasons. I'll do my best to let you know as soon as possible. Please look into the website and email for any changes before you head to the meeting point, or at least the night before the event.

Disclaimer: the hike is on your own risk and judgment. The organizer holds no responsibility on any injuries or death that might result directly or indirectly from this event. The organizer does not warrant on the accuracy of the description of the hike. It is your responsibility to assess your condition for this hike. If you are unsure of the hike, make a research on the website. By agreeing to come to this hike, you automatically accept the terms explained above.

Ok, that said, lets go out into the Swiss Alps and enjoy the mountains!

Hope to see you then!